Saturday, April 09, 2005


Drop that cashew, asshole.

Hey! All of you grazers in the supermarkets! Knock it off! Why do you think it’s okay to pop a cherry into your mouth when in the produce department, or eat some dates out of the bulk food section without paying for it? Just because it ain’t wrapped doesn’t mean it’s free, assholes.

I’m sure you can rationalize it with “It’s so small, the store will never miss it.” You know what? The store won’t miss a can of Sprite either, but I don’t see you peeling one out of a six-pack to enjoy right there in the isle. So don’t do it with the produce.

“The store expects people to graze, so they compensate for it in their pricing.” I’m sure all the store’s employees will gladly support that mentality. After all, loss of profit and a decaying bottom line due to pilferage has never EVER been used as an excuse to deny a hard working cashier a 15 cent an hour raise, right?

I hope you choke on it next time.

Eat me Hahn! One time in the bulk bins I got a 5 dollar bag of yogurt raisins without sampling, assuming they'd be delicious like so many other yogurt raisins I've enjoyed. And they fucking sucked! And there I was with a big bag of what might as well have been rotten candy corn.
And... AND... I've bought things I wouldn't have because I sampled and liked! How about them dried apples Mr. Green Lantren?
Also, when I don't look my daughter always gets her hand in one of those acrylic bins. My bad there.
Hey Man,

I went to your blog via old buddy Parker's recommendation. I like the way you rant. It is refreshing
to read somebody who is not afraid to point deficiencies in people's behaviour.
Thanks, Rob. I'll try and post rants more often, as well as other junk. Check it out, my first baby post.
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