Monday, July 24, 2006


Pros at Cons

I just got back from Comic-con International San Diego, whew. Man, what is it about these big comic shows that makes people think it is open season to let out their inner freak? In particular, I'm talking about people walking around practically nude, in drag, on a leash, or all of the above, and calling it a "costume." Yeah, especially on Sunday, which is officially Kid's Day at the show. Nice. This is Comic-con, not Burning Man, shitheads.

On Friday, I, and many others, were rudely pushed aside in the isles by stormtroopers at one point. And I'm not talking about guys in Star Wars costumes. Some dude had a megaphone shouting "Clear the isles for Stan Lee! Make way for the great Stan Lee!" I looked behind me and all I saw was some asshole with a megaphone, so I figure he was doing it to be funny and clear a path for himself. I realized I was wrong when an Elite Security person shoved me aside (mind you, my shoulder is broken and my arm is in a sling). Sure enough, Stan Lee is being hustled along in a cloud of security people as if he were some head of state. Whether this little scene was done because it seemed cute, or if it was completely serious, it was way rude. Fascists.

Hey Japan, stop designing weird cartoon characters that are shaped like big blocks or pieces of toast, because when those designs are translated into costumes to be worn at conventions, THEY BLOCK THE FUCKING ISLES, THE WHOLE FUCKING ISLE. Christ, Japan.

The Alex Toth Doodle Book was the gem of the show, in my opinion (Octopus Press, $19.95). Well done, guys.

Shout out to Chris and Melissa who came by my table.

Snakes on a Plane: Something for people who want to feel like they are in on some cool private joke.

Fellow Pros: If you made your name on an art style that is very simple and cartoony, then don't tell a fan you don't have time to give them a quick sketch after they've just given you $20 for one of your sketchbooks.

The Alex Toth Doodle Book was the gem of the show, in my opinion (Octopus Press, $19.95). Well done, guys.

A pencilled page I did from Masked Marvel:

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Sharpies: The Power Behind the Throne

Okay, I haven't built any model airports lately as I am working on the last issue of Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit and preparing for the Comic-con International in San Diego. I will have a booth set up in Artist's Alley where I will be doing commissioned sketches, selling my books, and just hanging out. I'll have a sweet new 32 page sketchbook available packed full of sketches and designs. Yes, actual sketches and designs, not just finished inked pieces like so many pros do these days ( c'mon guys, more raw doodles and sketches, less pin-ups and copies of private convention commissions you've done in the past. You no longer need to use these things as portfolio pieces to get work. We all know how good you are, that's why we are buying your "sketch" books at $20 a pop, so let's see some actual sketches). Mine will be $15 each and I'll do a sketch in it for you. So there. If you see me with my arm in a sling, no worries, I'm still doing commissions and stuff. I still have my six broken ribs and shattered clavicle, so please, don't run up and slap me on the back or suddenly hug me (and I know you want to).

And I defy anyone to go into a store and try to buy a single, simple red felt tip pen or even a 2-pack, that ISN'T a Sharpie (and when I say "store", I mean store less than 10 years old, not some dusty mom and pop stationary shop that still has the Big Chief notebooks with the hippy on it). I love Sharpies, but Jesus Christ, when did this shadow government Illuminati clandestine Sharpie monopoly happen? That's all you can find anymore. Oh, I did find red Flair pens at Office Depot, but you gotta buy a box of 20 of 'em. Fuck. Now they got these half size Sharpies that come on keychains in assorted colors. Wow. A marker as a fashion accessory. Sharpie's trying to be the Mac of the marker world (except for the monopoly part). I just want a single red felt tip pen that's not a Sharpie.

Would someone please get Lance Armstrong out of my face for five minutes, for fuck's sake? I mean good for him, biker guy testicular cancer survivor, but he's worse than Coldplay all over my shit. And hey, let's all just admit that Coldplay is nothing but music for people too damn lazy to listen to Radiohead. Simple as that.

I saw part of American Graffiti again the other night and I realized that it takes place in 1962 (I always thought it took place in the mid 50's). The movie came out in 1973 and, at the time, it was well received because it harkened back to the youth culture of a more innocent age (pre-Viet Nam war), but it was only going back 11 years. That would be like a movie being released now that takes place in 1995. It seems like it would be silly to evoke memories we have of Friends being the number one TV show and getting all nostalgic over Hootie and the Blowfish. Weird. I'm getting old.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006



These meds I'm on make me want to be really extra creative. Better than pain, for sure. That translates to drawing when I can and building airports with one arm the rest of the time I'm awake. Here is my version of a Braniff terminal circa 1976. I like to say that the designer of this terminal wanted to do something space-age (for 1976) and this is what he came up with. It's a small terminal with only four gates and assorted mobile stairs. The gates I designed as being fixed in place to handle standard mid-sized aircraft, hence no swinging jetway arms. If anything big rolls in, like a 747, the mobile stairs can be brought out. I only had a day to build this terminal, but I am happy with it. I'll post some drawings soon. Promise.

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