Monday, July 24, 2006


Pros at Cons

I just got back from Comic-con International San Diego, whew. Man, what is it about these big comic shows that makes people think it is open season to let out their inner freak? In particular, I'm talking about people walking around practically nude, in drag, on a leash, or all of the above, and calling it a "costume." Yeah, especially on Sunday, which is officially Kid's Day at the show. Nice. This is Comic-con, not Burning Man, shitheads.

On Friday, I, and many others, were rudely pushed aside in the isles by stormtroopers at one point. And I'm not talking about guys in Star Wars costumes. Some dude had a megaphone shouting "Clear the isles for Stan Lee! Make way for the great Stan Lee!" I looked behind me and all I saw was some asshole with a megaphone, so I figure he was doing it to be funny and clear a path for himself. I realized I was wrong when an Elite Security person shoved me aside (mind you, my shoulder is broken and my arm is in a sling). Sure enough, Stan Lee is being hustled along in a cloud of security people as if he were some head of state. Whether this little scene was done because it seemed cute, or if it was completely serious, it was way rude. Fascists.

Hey Japan, stop designing weird cartoon characters that are shaped like big blocks or pieces of toast, because when those designs are translated into costumes to be worn at conventions, THEY BLOCK THE FUCKING ISLES, THE WHOLE FUCKING ISLE. Christ, Japan.

The Alex Toth Doodle Book was the gem of the show, in my opinion (Octopus Press, $19.95). Well done, guys.

Shout out to Chris and Melissa who came by my table.

Snakes on a Plane: Something for people who want to feel like they are in on some cool private joke.

Fellow Pros: If you made your name on an art style that is very simple and cartoony, then don't tell a fan you don't have time to give them a quick sketch after they've just given you $20 for one of your sketchbooks.

The Alex Toth Doodle Book was the gem of the show, in my opinion (Octopus Press, $19.95). Well done, guys.

A pencilled page I did from Masked Marvel:

Let me be the first to say that your blog is missing a certain something. Hmmm. Nedds more spambots. That would liven it up a bit.
Seriously, it was good to talk to you live at San Diego. We should plan a little hang-out time for whatever show we are both at next.
Thanks Rob, it was god to meet you as well. And let's not post about spambots any longer. I think it attracts them.
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