Saturday, January 28, 2006


Ranty Boy

Hey ladies, if I have to look twice to see whether or not that teensy sparkling thing on your nose is a tiny little jeweled nose stud, or a piece of stray glitter, then it ain't working.

And all you women mortgage brokers and bank tellers; if it's now normal and acceptable to have those Spice Girl buttery chunk light streaks in your hair, then it's no wonder I see people with facial tattoos and giant stone piercings in their ears. Those primitives are just trying to stay ahead of the pack. When the bank tellers start sporting the facial tattoos, the primitives should gouge one of their own eyes out.

I saw a shirt today that said "Cancer Sucks". Ooooh, that's telling it. Fuck Sagittarius, too. Now REALLY go out on a limb and wear a shirt with a swastika with a slash through it.

And let's lose abbreviations as movie titles (T2, ID4, H2O, Mi:2, MIB, X-2) They sound like experimental aircraft, not movies.

Okay, back to your stations.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Teen Girls and Their Nana's.

Can I please, just once, be able to browse the graphic novel section at Borders without constantly having to step over oblivious teens camped out on the floor in the manga section reading the latest volume of Nana? Am I asking too much here?

Would someone please explain the difference to me between dressing ghetto fabulous and dressing up as a clown?

An Andrew WK looking bum was brushing his teeth on the bus today. Most people were annoyed, but I thought it was cool to see a bus bum take a pro-active approach to hygiene for everyone to see. You go, bum man!

Speaking of Nana, here's some pitch art for a teen graphic novel I'm cooking up.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Moving Up The Ladder

On Christmas day, my wife and child and I were taking a stroll around the neighborhood and came across a really nice house for sale. We weren't in the market to by a new house, but after seeing this one, we decided to put a bid on it. Well, someone else already had a bid in on this house, but we got 'the bug.' So no now, after some very picky shopping around, we found another house we love a lot. Even though we weren't planning on buying a new house for a year or two, we will be moving in February. Huzzah! More on this later.

Here is the daily sketch (hah, daily....monthly) and a photo of me from 'back in the day'. Yikes. What the hell did I have to be mad at? Life was good back then.

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