Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Teen Girls and Their Nana's.

Can I please, just once, be able to browse the graphic novel section at Borders without constantly having to step over oblivious teens camped out on the floor in the manga section reading the latest volume of Nana? Am I asking too much here?

Would someone please explain the difference to me between dressing ghetto fabulous and dressing up as a clown?

An Andrew WK looking bum was brushing his teeth on the bus today. Most people were annoyed, but I thought it was cool to see a bus bum take a pro-active approach to hygiene for everyone to see. You go, bum man!

Speaking of Nana, here's some pitch art for a teen graphic novel I'm cooking up.

At Borders I have actually had to ask people to slide over so as I could see the book on the shelf they were leaning against while seated on the floor.
Seriously. If you see someone straddling your prone form and looking all around you, MOVE!
I think we should step on their ankles and say, "OH I'm sorry. I didn't see you."
I too suggest the stepping on on ankles or hands. Or the kicking of ribs. They really don't like it when you spill your drink on them either. Whoops!

Cool image by the way. I dig your figure work.
Thanks! I often imagine a scenario at Borders where a kid is sitting reading one of my books. I would be so tempted to say "Hey, I drew that! That's me!". I know they wouldn't believe me or be impressed, so THEN I'd step on their hand.
You should say, "That's me.". And offer to sign it for them. Have them do that turn-around-use-your-back-as-a-table thing and then sign, pushing down hard enough until you hear something pop.
David, your full figured girl on this looks kinda like a member of the Gorillaz. cool though.
Hi....i'm using your picture for a facebook group....who let the damn teens out...it's really good
hi...actually i dont' want to use it without your permission since you actually write comics and stuff...email me if it's okay...

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