Saturday, January 14, 2006


Moving Up The Ladder

On Christmas day, my wife and child and I were taking a stroll around the neighborhood and came across a really nice house for sale. We weren't in the market to by a new house, but after seeing this one, we decided to put a bid on it. Well, someone else already had a bid in on this house, but we got 'the bug.' So no now, after some very picky shopping around, we found another house we love a lot. Even though we weren't planning on buying a new house for a year or two, we will be moving in February. Huzzah! More on this later.

Here is the daily sketch (hah, daily....monthly) and a photo of me from 'back in the day'. Yikes. What the hell did I have to be mad at? Life was good back then.

Finally something. I used to drive a two-tone car with those colors. Thank you, I will be here all week. No, really, they are making me pay my tab. I WILL be here all week.
You were in The Lost Boys, weren't you?
Such a nice boy. What you don't see here is how he used shoe polish to black out the two-tone so that he could work in a hospital taking care of sick people every day. Or the suit & tie he wore to get that job in the first place!
Hey! Who are you?
The name didn't give it away? I'm surprised, given your superpowers of deduction. Should I just tell you? Nah, that's no fun. Second hint - I got a very welcome phone call from Japan last night.
And, BTW, welcome to the ranks of parenthood. Cleo is adorable! (I was looking for a picture of her when I came across this very familiar picture of you.)
More info to follow upon request.
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