Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Tin Foil Purse Lining

Remember when the homeless guy with the sign sitting on the off ramp didn't just sit there, but actually made an attempt to wash your windshield? What happened to that work ethic?

I also hate bums who hang out at bus stops when I'm on the bus. The bus pulls over, but the guy isn't actually waiting for the bus, he's just hanging out there with his pals. So the bus has stopped for nothing. This happens all the time on the low-life, meth head Bum Boulevard my bus route is on.

The hipster bead. Where did this come from? I'm not talking about a soul patch or goatee, I'm talking about the skinny little hipster guys in the high water jeans, ironic t-shirt, and a full beard. A full blown Amish, Jim -Morrisson's -Last -Days beard. It's come full circle in my life again: this is the second generation of kids whose popular dress is a style that a kid would've gotten their collective asses kicked when I was in school (the first generation being the early nineties when kids were wearing those Gilligan sailor hats folded down or fly fishing hats).

Hell's Kitchen last night on Fox. My man Michael won.

I wish advertisers would stop using computer animation to make it look like a real life dog is dancing, or an infant is speaking in full sentences. No one is marveling anymore, we know it's just a computer pulling the strings. It's it's creepy, not cute.

Hey people, don't steal the Splenda packets at the coffee shops. That is for you to use for the amount of coffee you bought. That is an understood societal contract civilized people adhere to in our culture. To take more is stealing. And don't try to rationalize it by saying the coffee shop makes up for it in the profit margin of their coffee sales, or some bullshit like that. If you think you can justify stealing Splenda because you are getting back at 'the man', or the coffee is too expensive, then why are you giving them your money in the first place? When you eat at the pancake house, would you think it's okay to put the whole maple syrup container in your bag to take home? No, because you know better. Don't load up on the Splenda.

David Hahn: The People's Conscience
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