Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Blood at the Bus Stop

There's this asshole (maybe more of a prick, actually) who rides my bus in the morning. This guy has TWICE stepped in front of me to board the bus when I was clearly at the bus stop first, and it ticks me off something fierce. It's not like it's a crowded bus stop where you can't really tell who was there first. It's just me and him waiting for the bus. Now, it's not so much that my day is ruined because we didn't board the bus in the proper order, what's annoying to me is that it doesn't even seem to occur to this cretin that civilized people acknowledge turn-taking. It's a tenant of our society. To add insult to injury, his favorite seat on the bus (last row, right side) is also mine! So when he cuts me off to get on the bus, he sits in that seat! Arrrggg. I told myself that if he steps in front of me a third time, I will put my arm out and stop him and threaten him with bodily harm. I am NOT a violent person, but it's rude/oblivious shit heels like this that need to have their teeth knocked down their throats once in a while simply for the betterment of society. Even among a collective of monkeys, when one is annoying the others, it gets its ass kicked for the sake of the group. So, the other day, I walk up to the bus stop and he is there first, for a change. My first inclination was to step in front of HIM when the bus arrived and turn and say "Sucks, doesn't it?" or something. But I took the high road, literally. I proceed up the street to the next bus stop, therefore insuring I boarded the bus before him. I got my favorite seat, and watched him as he boarded at the next stop. His eyes went right to me in the good seat. He had no reaction and I didn't expect one. He has no clue that I'm waging this secret war against him and his kind. I'm glad I felt personally vindicated at having bested him. I'd still like to see him swallow his bloody teeth, though, just for investment purposes.

And now, your sketch of the day:

David, David.

It's called "entitlement". Everyone nowadays is entitled to whatever the hell they think that they want. How dare you suggest that he wait in line. He wants on the bus.
And we as a minority (those with social graces) have two choices as I see it. Violence or reeducation.
Yeah....re-education.... I didn't even think of that.

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