Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Gasping for Air

I'm slowly getting caught up on my work. The past few days I've been penciling pages for Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit as well as doing breakdown/page designs from the script, a side commercial illustration, and a Luna Moth pin-up for Dark Horse Comics' The Escapist. I'll post the penciled version of the pin-up here soon.

Little Cleo slept through the night for a second night in a row. For all you parents of infants out there, you know what a triumph that is.

Below are some of the sketches I did for the pencils for my Bite Club pages.

I like it, is that Diversity at the bottom?
Thanks, Tom. Actually, it's the Constitution. The scene I'm drawing takes place in a judge's office, so I threw in a model ship to make his office interesting. The USS Constittution seemed the most appropriate.
Old Fuckin' Ironsidez!
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summer wedding dress
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