Thursday, September 22, 2005



The work the city is doing on the street outside my house is my wife's problem today, as I am at the downtown studio. Let her deal with the sound of an armored German Panzer division as it rolls down the street, rattling the house.

I'm into this new anime series called Paranoia Agent . I've watch volumes 1-3 several times and I'm waiting for volume 4 to arrive. Intelligent writing and nice character design, and it also has an opening theme song that permanently attaches itself to your brain.

The sketch of the day is a character I am trying to design for a comic. It's about a girl who finds a pair of magic sneakers hanging from a phone line:

Sounds like a cool story idea! Nice sketches :)
Oh, and I have to admit I smiled at your post that said you went to the other bus stop and got on first. I agree, you'd THINK that generally people would have some degree of common courtesy... However.........
Thank you! I hope to flesh the story out and get publishers interested in it. I want to write and draw a story that kids and adults can enjoy.
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