Wednesday, September 21, 2005



The city is doing major roadwork to the street right outside of my house. They have every type of industrial Dr. Suess-road-tearing-up-asphalt-chomping-and-street-making-mobile going full force out there. I thought for sure this was going to ruin Cleo's nap time (my 4 month old). Instead, the droning and vibrating of the house seems to lull her to sleep. Small miracles.

The sketch of the day is one of the new Bite Club characters, Det. Betty Lou Yama.

I feel for your nap worries. Everyone around here seems to start up their lawnmowers about the time my little one goes down. Glad yours worked out better for you. :(

Love the sketch pages, too. Always glad to see the process stuff.
Thanks, J.C.! Keep coming back!
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