Monday, September 12, 2005


Too Long...

This is a cover for a book called Chick Flicks and Party Tip: A Guide for a Girls Night In I drew this in Adobe Illustrator in about 6 hours. Fun fun fun.

Goddamn it's been too long since I last posted. I must really be letting the two of you down. I am in the homestretch of completing the drawing of thefirst issue of Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit, for Vertigo/DC Comics. It's a five issue series written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman and is the sequel to 2004's big selling series Bite Club. I'm also drawing a Luna Moth pin up for Dark Horse's Escapist Book as well as developing numerous other pitch projects.

I received the pencils and some of the colored pages for the X-Men Unlimited story I wrote for issue # 11 (below). David Aja is the artist and his stuff is fabulous, reminds me of Karre Andrews's work. That's the New Mutants, Sunspot and Cannonball, hanging out there.


There's this young couple I see at the coffee shop every so often that I can't quite figure out and it's really bugging me. I have this need to constantly be figuring people out. The thing about this boyfriend/girlfriend unit is that the girl is so obviously light-years out of this guy's league. He's a 3 and she's a 9. Okay, maybe he's a 4, but she's still a 9. She is an attractive, young, together-looking girl. What is holding this relationship together? I don't think I am being shallow by judging on appearances because we all know that people attract and end up with people in their own "class of appearence". Water always seeps to it's own level. He doesn't appear to be rich, so we can rule out gold digging. He's thin, not an ugly guy, but definitely a nebbish, wears glasses, fairly plain/normal. Oh, and he has blue hair. Not I'm-a-cool-punk-rock- rockstar-or-eccentric-artist type of blue hair. More like I-want-to-do-something-cool-and-alternative-and-I-live-in-Portland-where-it's-safe-to-have-blue-hair-and-makes-me-cool type of blue hair. Just picture a lanky Radar O'Reilly with blue hair and you get the picture. Now, when I see these two, they are always very lovey-dovey. He fawns and dotes on her and she is receptive and kind in turn. I figure he knows he is out of his element, so he's doing all he can to be a nice guy who she'll want to stay with forever and ever. Which is fine. As far as she goes, I'm thinking that this is either her first boyfriend, which means ultimately he's doomed, or she is a former stripper or something and has dated/slept with 86 guys, all of them assholes, and now she's glad to find a nice one. Whatever the case, good luck hot girl and dweeb.

Okay what else is bugging me, let's see ...

Local evening news reports that use the term "deadly" in reports, even when there were no fatalities. I also hate when they do this:

"Up next: A semi truck careens off the Ross Island bridge and plummets 100 feet into the river, and we caught it all on tape!" When a claim like that is made, I want to see the truck fly off the edge of a bridge. But, they DON'T have it all on tape. All they have is footage of the aftermath. Jerks.

Also, let's loose any 'news' stories about how to talk to your kids about how they can deal with tragedies they see on the news, like 9/11, sunami, Hurricane Katrina, etc. Are there enough parents out there there with emotionally troubled kids that it warrants a news story to tell them how to talk to their kids about, well, that life can be violent and random?

Speaking if disasters, our studio is auctioning off art to send relief to the Red Cross to help the people in Louisiana and Mississippi (or where ever Red Cross help is needed).
Check out the details at Hurricane Art at

I tried to comment yesterday nad I see that it didn't work. so let's try again. It was something about you finally posting some new stuff. Yay, etc. etc.
Thanks. Sorry it's taken so long, I'll try and be more a bowel movement.
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