Monday, October 10, 2005


News Flash! Idiot Makes My Day!

I'm in the coffee shop the other day and the daily trivia question is: "What is the name of the author who wrote a satire on the bombing of Dresden?"
The answer is, of course, Kurt Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse 5).

As I'm drinking my coffee, I overhear this priceless conversation:

Customer: "Oh, I don't know the answer to that one."

Cashier: "It's Kurt Vonnegut. I had a lady get it right earlier only because she said that she caught part of the Slaughterhouse 5 movie on TV the other night."

Customer: "Oh, well that's probably why I didn't know the answer. I hardly watch TV, maybe once a week at most. I like to read."

Fucking priceless. I love idiots.

Run! Just run for the hills! The dumb have risen from their graves!

My brush with briiliance came in a comic shop where a youngish person was describing some movie and used the word "maka-bree". I just nodded politely thinking "what the hell is maka-bree?"

Then sirens and red flashing lights are going off in my head when I realize he is trying to use the word "macabre".

Run! Just run!
Wow. I just realized that I spelled "briiliance". Karma anyone?
super funny! i work at circ at a local library and i'll mention this at work. priceless.
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