Friday, October 28, 2005



Well, I finished up penciling all 22 pages of Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit #2 (of 6) the other day and now comes the task of inking it. This is my favorite part because it requires less problem solving and gives instant gratification of seeing the final black and white art as I ink.

Last Sunday I attended the Seattle Comic and Card Show, hosted by the ever-nice guy, Steve Miner. It was a small show, but that translates into less stress, more fun. I met all sorts of nice folks (hi Jim and Heidi!) and moved some copies of my Fables books, The Batman Training Manual, Private Beach, and sold some original Lucifer pages. And had great ravioli and pizza for dinner.

So, will we get a sneak peek at any of the Bite Club pages?
Yes, I'll post some inked pages from issue #1 and some pencils from # 2 this week sometime. Thanks for asking!
Hey David. Heidi and I both enjoyed meeting you, as well. We love Steve Miner's show, because the smaller one-day affair has a much more intimate feeling (plus, it's a great buyer's show).

Heidi put up her Mera sketch by you (and I'm sorry I haven't emailed it to you, but this last week was a killer for both of us). You can see it here:

We hope to see you again at Emerald City Comicon this April. Until then, I'm sure Heidi will be eagerly awaiting Bite Club 2 (she liked the first one). Thanks again, for making the Seattle show a little bit more fun for us.
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