Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Kong Has To Wait

Okay, I am going to try and get a hold on this whole blog thing again, particularly the daily posts of sketches. I am pencilling the first half of Bite Club VCU #3 right now, as well as putting together pitches for projects to follow Bite Club.

I still haven't seen King Kong yet. If the me from two years ago knew I was so lacking in seeing cool movies on a timely basis, he would be disgusted.

Some things we don't need;

1. Ten year old kids ordering espresso and lattes in coffee shops. Since when do kids like coffee?

2. No more ripping off of Danny Elfman's Edward Scissorhands style of music for TV commercials.

3. Any expressions that have become expressions for their own sake. The best example is the expression "gone to the dogs". No one uses this term. The only time you ever hear it is on local news reports when anchors try to be 'funny' when reporting on dog related human interest stories.

4. The whole 'Q' must be followed by a 'U' in the English language. Can we just please agree the 'Q' can stand by itself? Fuck 'U'.

5. Always having to read the label on the oven knobs to know which burner they control.

6. That fucking creepy new Burger King mascot. He has all the charm of a pederast. And has anyone noticed that the Burger King logo isn't even a hamburger anymore? What was once the bun in the logo is now just an orange ball behind the 'Burger King'.

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And can we get rid of people who insist in wearing articles of clothing with blatant vulgarities on them. And the same with car stickers. And when are we going to bring back pistols at dawn?
What about people putting their 7-year olds in the back of their pick-up trucks while they are buckled in the cab. I say, put the overweight Mom or Dad back there and let Junior ride shotgun.
Amen. It seems the same people who let their teenage daughters wear shirts that say "Porn Star" or have the name of their school going across the ass of there swear pants are the same ones who let them ride lose in the back of the pick up.
Or use the 'there' instead of 'their'. Stupid me.
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