Friday, December 30, 2005


Vanilla Kong

I finally got to see King Kong and thought it was great. If Carl Denham had any sense, he would've realized he could've made a shitload more money had he brought back one of those dinosaurs instead of Kong. Oh well, his loss. For Christmas, I received the new dvd of the original King Kong and the extras are wonderful. The best part is the re-creation, by Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop, of the lost Spider Sequence.

I also saw the Spanish film "Open Your Eyes" last night for the first time. This is the movie that was re-made into "Vanilla Sky" in 2001. Essentially, Vanilla Sky is a scene-for-scene replay of this film. The only slight difference is that the main character's facial deformity is much more extreme, and effective, in Open Your Eyes. I really enjoyed VS when it was released, though it received mediocre reviews. However, now seeing OYE, I can look back on Vanilla Sky and see that director Cameron Crowe had abosolutley NO VISION OF HIS OWN to add to the story. It seemed he spent more time hand picking the (overdone) soundtrack than shaping Vanilla Sky into something other than a copy of the original.

Here is the cover of an Escapist pitch I sent to Dark Horse.

Cool! Did you watch Abre Sus Ojos dubbed or subtitled?
Dig the Escapist illo.
Just finished "Kavalier & Clay" a day ago. It makes me want to draw the Escapist. Shades of Steranko!
Have a great new year's eve!
Thanks! I saw the subtitled version. Really a far out movie, hats off to the writer/director who realized this story. Have a great New Years Eve yourself, Zailo!
Nice Escapist.
Nice Escapist cover, David.
Hey baby, where is the rock and roll? At least put up some of your sketches.
the AMAZING (?!?) adventures of the escapist...
i'd think there is a conflict of interests with that title.
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