Friday, May 26, 2006


Just Hit Send

Hey, last week saw the release of Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit #2, so go grab it.

This week, we got curses going out to:

-The white trash crone who took the creamer away from me when it was my turn to use it. For her, she gets her cigarettes stolen by her pregnant daughter.

-"Jeff" the tattooed asshole at the McDonalds near my house. He never asks to take your order or gives you a "welcome to McDonalds,", he just looks at you and raises his eyebrows as he waits for you to speak first. And when I say tattoos, I don't mean hipster-DJ type guy, I mean work release program type guy. He's one of those jerks who grunts instead of speaking and won't look you in the eye. For him, let's have his probation officer get a real hair up his ass and bust Jeff on some minor violation and get him back in jail for a couple weeks. Yeah....

And a special get well quick (which he is doing) to my studiomate and friend Matthew Clark

So you are posting again or is this just another tease, you shameless hussy? Kidding. dig the illo, is it a prelim to something?
No, I'll try and post more regularly. You going to SDCC?
Hellsyeah. Send me an email with your logistic schedule and we'll hook up. I would say meet at Parker's booth but I am not sure if he is doing that. I assume that Marvel wil have him appearing all over the place.
Yeah, the illo is prelim to apice of pitch art. i'll post the finished art here soon. i think Jeff will have a space at artist's alley near me. Heh, Jeff.....
ha you eat mcdonalds
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