Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Remember Me?

Good God, nearly three months is too long to go with out posting. In these past three months I've bought a new house, moved into it, and been working on various comic projects. Bringing things up to speed:

Here's the house, with my daughter, Cleo, out in front.

Here's Cleo on her first Easter.

And this is a page from Bite Club VCU #4

I am underway with the Bite Club VCU # 5, the final issue of the mini-series. I'm also doing art for a 2-part, 16 page back up story for Marvel. It's called the Masked Marvel and is written by my studiomate, Karl Kesel. After that and Bite Club, I will be writing and drawing a 144 page graphic novel for DC. More details on that project down the line.

Hey, sketch stuff.

Whew! Finally some new posts. And some art to go with the pics. It almost make you want to say "Amazing".
Bless you for checking back, Rob!
Nice house, cute kid, congrats on the Marvel and DC gigs, and welcome back to the net.
Bwahahah! Your fans are ...spambots.
Seriously, call those numbers and yell at them. And don't be afraid to get personal.
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