Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Nude Man Falling

Alright, the Masked Marvel comic is done and in. Now I can concentrate my efforts to the final issue of Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit. I'll also be preparing a sketchbook to sell at the San Diego show with more pencils, less inks.

I watched the uncensored version of The Man Who Fell to Earth. Wow. Having only seen the censored version (not knowing it was censored) all my life, I was quite surprised at the soft -core porn playing on my dvd player. Naked David Bowie in his film debut. And has Candy Clark EVER been in a movie where she didn't get naked?

I also watched Fahrenheit 451 for the first time in 20+ plus years. I didn't like it the first time because I was expecting hard science fiction. Now, I can appreciate it a bit more and accept it as a quaint fairy tale, like Edward Scissorhands.

Below is a commission I did for Private Beach fans Monti and Laura (that's them sitting in the middle).

I'd be first in line for an SDCC sketchbook.
Thanks, Chris! Coem by my Artist Alley table.
Hi David

This piece is simply amazing!

Send me some more stuff before I use amazing to describe all your art =)

I will get you some pinups to color withing a few weeks, Chris.

Hey you posted it - right on! It really is too cool.

See you in San Diego : )
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