Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Train Wrecked

Crazy deadlines, crazy deadlines

This week, we got a curse going out to:

- The awful, awful woman who stepped in front of me to get on the train, I mean stepped right in front of me to get through the door first. She totally knew what she was doing, so when we got on the fairly crowded car, I followed her to her seat. I plopped right down next to her in the little two seat space. It was sweet, because she was getting ready to stretch her legs out on the extra seat when I said, "I'm sitting here". She was pissed.

"Oh, you gotta sit here?! " She pointed to empty seats around the train "Dere's a empty seat dere, dere, and dere, and you gotta sit nexta me...." she said.
"Well, you shouldn't have been so rude and cut in front of me when we got on."
She rolled her eyes and stared out the window. I sat next to her for about five more minutes to make my point before moving to another part of the train.

I AM the avenging angel of those wronged by rude patrons of public transportation!

Her curse is that every time she wants to hog two seats to herself on a crowded train, the biggest, most urine-soaked, crusty-bearded, schizo motherfucker in Portland sits next to her and talks to her about the virtures of bee keeping.

Below is a proposal cover for a horror story I wrote. Might do some minor changes, though.

Homie, you and I are so totally going out for drinks come SDCC. There is simply too much to talk you out of/agree with about this entry for this small space.
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