Friday, August 18, 2006


Girl Rocks Out on Burning Train

My Love/Hate relationship with humanity continues. First off, for people who don't know me, I use the un-P.C. term 'retarded' like other people use the word 'hello'.

There was a cute retarded girl on the train today, about 12 years old. I shouldn't say she was completely retarded, but there was definitely something different about her and she had one of those 'dumb' looking faces. She was pretty, but slack-jawed and with that glazed look in her eyes. Anyway, she had on headphones and was doing that spastic continuous rocking thing, with an occassional arm flap (like excited 14 month olds do). I didn't get the tripping-on-something vibe, just an I-need-vestibular-stimulation vibe. Every so often, she would shout, loudly, "HA!" and turn and suddenly hug her travelling companion, who I presumed to be an older sister. Rock on, little quasi-retarded girl, rock on!

I don't care if you are escaping from a burning bus or fleeing a collapsing World Trade Tower, don't tell reporters you "barely escaped with your life," if you are still holding your briefcase or shopping bags. I know that in times of panic a person may hold on to their purse or whatever and not even realize they are still holding it. However, to the guy I once saw on the news who escaped a burning jetliner in Devner, who told reporters "I barely had time to grab my briefcase," a gigantic FUCK YOU. I'm sure the guy standing behind you, waiting to exit as the cabin fills with toxic smoke, didn't mind one bit that you took a few extra seconds to grab your potentially exit-blocking briefcase. Maybe I am being too hard. I mean, in a situation like that, what's a few extra seconds?

Too funny! I love/hate people too.
But, you knew that.
Indeed, Rob!
I just had to say this after glancing at your favorite movies. I was watching the Animatrix before I checked my blog for replies and responded here.

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I just wanted to see if David ever reads his old comments. I bet he does.
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