Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Insane Madison Avenue Morons

Hey Quizno's, your BBQ brisket sandwich commercial is stupid. The old let's-take-a-cultural-stereotype-of-a-simpleton-and-have-him-speak-in-big-fancy-words-like-he-is-smart is lame and old hat. Ranks right up there with the old fake congressional hearing on Honey Bunches of Oats.

And while we're at it, can we stop using the word 'insane' as a universal descriptor for...anything and everything? I recently saw a documentary about deep sea exploration that was narrated, appropriately, by James Cameron. Everything was fine until Cameron expounds upon the mysteries off the deep as containing "some of the most insane sea life you will ever see." Mentally unstable Angler fish. Cool.

Sketchbook page.

My other peeve word is "diva". The media, I think, started this one, but now even kids use it without knowing what it means.
Totally! I also hate 10 year old girls wearing sweat pants with slogans right across the ass.
The slogan should read "curb service" and even then the parents wouldn't mind.
Ok, I posted on the wrong "Amazing" Blog.

Check your other one.

Great stuff here! I've liked your work from way back. Good to see your still driving strong.

Dave, I say this in complete risk of kissing ass, but I love love love your approach. Your style is a great representative abbreviation. I'm a fan. Throw me a list of the projects you're working on. I want to read one of your stories.

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