Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Less Airports, More Drawing!

Every time I watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that features Q, I feel as though I just watched an episode of Bewitched.

Here is my third 1:400 scratch built terminal since I entered this hobby a few months ago. This time it's a Lufthansa terminal, though you can see some other company airliners sneaking into the pictures. Enjoy!

Boy, you crazy!
What material are you actually making the terminals out of? I assume that the planes are scale toys or models.
Right, Z. Those planes are about 3.5" long. Most everything else is made of found materials. The jetways are disposable razor blade handles, the building is a case for holding cassette tapes.
How the hell do you have time to build airports, don't you have a kid?? - mh
Yes, but she sleeps through the night, 12 sweet hours!
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