Saturday, September 22, 2007


Resident Evil: Extinction

Actually, not too bad. Studio mates Paul Guinan and Jesse Hamm accompanied me to see this movie opening day Friday. We went in with low expectations for logic and reasonable expectations for action, and the movie delivered. Zombies looked good (but who's job was it at Umbrella Corp to dress the experimental super-zombies in matching jump suits?), slick, neat Vegas imagery. Characters in the movie who were taken right from the video game Resident Evil:Code Veronica X are Claire Redfield, Tyrant Zombie (genetic monster, actually) and Wesker. Too much needless digital erasing on Milla Jojovich's face in close ups. And, wow, bold move having the actor of Mid-Eastern heritage be the character who is the suicide bomber who runs a blockade in a truck packed with TNT. This movie was Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome with zombies.

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