Sunday, March 09, 2008



Or the right wing chicken littles and mindless minions of theirs would have you believe from this picture.

Ya know, I don't remember being taught in school that we are supposed to put our hands over our hearts during the playing of the national anthem. And if Obama, or anyone, doesn't do it during the playing of the anthem, I think it shows more conviction of character than it does any lack of patriotism. The hand over the heart is for the pledge of allegiance. When the national anthem is played, it is usually seen as disrespectful not to stand, I don't remember anything about having to put hands over hearts. I don't do it.

David Hahn, you're a communist and you hate America!!!!
Also, I finally linked your blog to my blog.

Peace out,
Drew Johnson
I heard Obama is the antichrist. Nostradamus said a charismatic Muslim leader would rise up and usher in the end of the world. It was on 4chan or Fox News or somewhere.

I also have just linked your blog to my blog.
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