Tuesday, March 04, 2008


God Kills Brothers For Fun

This one's for you, Steve Lieber.

Last week, I learned that a schoolmate of mine from high school just died from leukemia. He wasn't a friend of mine or anything, and the only memories I have of him are those of the typical antagonistic behaviors that jocks have towards, well, people like me. Though I was not a huge fan of this person, whom I'll refer to as 'Robert', he most certainly did not deserve death from cancer at age 41. I have learned just this evening that his younger brother has also just died (from what, I don't know yet). I can't imagine how horrible the family must feel right now. I tried to google both men to find out more about them and came across an online church newsletter. The newsletter was a year old, but in it was a list of 'prayer requests' and someone requested prayers for Robert to help him beat his cancer. Needless to say, it didn't work. Thanks a lot, God. One could say God wanted Robert near him, so He took him early. But now, with the loss of the second son just ten days later, it just makes you realize that God isn't a supreme being, but a supreme asshole.

What a stupid, angry comment to make. When Everything is going great god gets no praise. When something bad happens, he's the first to get the blame.

Why don't you blame him for all the wars too...I mean it can't be greed or dictatorship, it's gotta be simple as blaming god right?
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